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02.06.06  Day 1: Piteå to Orkanger (1004 km)

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The route of the day. 1004 kilometres or about 624 miles.
My bike, a BMW F650GS Dakar, packed and ready to go.
Dirty from the start is the way to go. ;)
My brothers bike, BMW R1200GS, packed up and ready to go.
Me doing some crap at my bike in the background.
The first mountains coming up. Closing in on the norwegian border.
Wonderful views and icing on the lakes, even tho it's middle of summer.
The Norwegian border. Stopping here to eat breakfast.
Not much to see here really, but a pic of the bordersign is a must.
The moment you get into norway the nature changes.
High mountains line the road and the views are spectacular.
A bit later the soft rain began.
A picture from a restplace along the E6.
Another picture from that restplace. Me goofing off infront
of a sign.
Heavy rain were constant throughout the rest of the day, so we
didnt take many more pictures this day.
Here's me and my monkeybutt when we got to Melhus, a bit south
of our intended goal of the day.
Finally we arrived in Orkanger where our friend Magnus waited
with the cabin and food ready. Here's a picture of the cabin and
also Magnus's BMW R1200GS ADV can be seen. (the middle bike)
Summary of the day:
Lots and lots of driving. Very fun roads, altho driving in Norway
takes alot more time per distance travelled then driving in Sweden.
Also we can safely say, already, that we have come to a rainy and
wet country. The coming days will be alot of fun.


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