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03.06.06  Day 2: Orkanger to Geiranger (344 km)

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 The route of the day. 344 kilometres or about 214 miles.
Morning was painful, but getting an early start was essential
if we were to be on schedule.
Me on the left looking generally saddened. Magnus on the right
looking as if he were just punched.
So, the proud steeds guarding the castle...
Douglas's R1200GS
Magnus's R1200GS ADV
Dounald's F650GS Dakar
Here we are on the first ferry. Calm waters and a short
distance meant tiedowns could be kept unwrapped.
Me on the right, looking like a Navy SEAL. Magnus on the left
looking like a normal seal. ;P
Stopping at the first real twisties.
The nature here is breathtaking and we will surely be back
another year in hope of sunny weather.
Me and my brother infront of one of many mountains.
Countless small streams could be seen all over it's side,
dropping hundreds of metres to the ground below.
We then arrived at one of our main goals of the journey.
"Trollstigen" is a given attraction to all that visits these parts
of norway. Unfortunately it rained when we were here, so
another trip here is already beeing planned.
A simple picture cannot capture the majesty of this place.
Douglas and Magnus infront of "Trollstigen".
Me beeing generally bad-ass.
"Beware: Trolls"
About halfway to the top, looking down at the road we just
came up.
The largest of the falls.
A picture from the top, showing most of the twisties.
At the top there's a sign where people from all over the world
has placed stickers.
Magnus standing at the edge taking some pictures.
After passing over those mountains on our way to
Geiranger we had to take another ferry.
We arrive at this legs goal. Geiranger.
It is said this is one of the most beautiful places
on earth, and I'm not one to argue against that.
Geiranger from the mountain in the previous
picture. The road we came down earlier can
be seen twisting in the top right.
One of the coolest things in Geiranger is
this snowplough. It's named "Peter" and
was built by the Germans in 1943. Weighing
in at 12,5 tons it's an impressive machine.
Summary of the day:
Quite a rainy start this day. Alot to see, and
not even half got a picture taken of it.
This day is doubtlessly one of the best in my life.
Awesome roads twisting alongside fjords and
mountains, if you ever have a chance, follow
the route we took this day.


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