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04.06.06  Day 3: Geiranger to Röros (423 km)

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The route of the day. 423 kilometres or about 263 miles.
We started early, and as we made our way over the mountains
surrounding Geiranger we discovered that there had been some
snow during the night. No problem on Beemers tho.
At some places there were vertical walls of snow on the
side of the road. No where safe to stop and take a pic unfortunately.
The cars up here had been covered in snow.
Having navigated the at times very slippery roads we made
it down the next valley. Stopped for a very much needed cup of
hot coffee. Starting to feel some saddle soreness.
Pushing on, passing through the city of Lom and turning
onto some backroads. At this bridge we had our first sunlight,
something that ofcourse caused some excitement. :P
The scenery here was quite something.
A beautiful example of the nature norway offers.
What? I havent got my TKC-80's on anymore? My bike
is shoed with slicks and is damn heavy on the rear?
Stuck? Me? Nooooo...
(note to self: do not drive in very loose sand with crappy tires)
Again we push on, covering alot of distance.
Going over most mountains we were above the
treeline. Up here the nature is quite different.
In the next valley we come across a beautiful stream.
We decide to stay for some food here.
We arrive Röste Campingand get ourselves a cabin.
Quite nice place with cozy cabins and a hot shower.
We have some beers and totally forgets to take
any more pictures. We hit the sack quite early.
Summary of the day:
As usual awesome nature and spectacular views.
I have no idea how to describe this country so that
people can get a view of how impressive it is at times.
Pretty decent weather today.
My Garmin Quest gps starts acting up today. Not really
the gps though, rather the mount that is busted and doesnt
charge the unit anymore. (got replaced under warranty later)


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