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05.06.06  Day 4: Röros to Snåsa (329 km)

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The route of the day. 329 kilometres or about 205 miles.
First stop for the day. Thinking we'll fill up the bikes
in Tokheim, only to be met by one of last places on earth
that doesnt take VISA-cards. Beautiful place tho.
Stopping for a coffee and gas at the next gasstation.
We park the bikes outside a cardealer and rearrange
some of the packing.
Here my brother has just complained that I yell
when I have earplugs in. Wouldnt be a problem
if he kept his in aswell now would it? :)
Since we were lazy bastards and had so much fun
riding we didnt take many photos this day.
Heres a pic of our cabin this day. Awesome.
Another one, but from the other side.
The view out the back window.
We got some company later. Lots of these guys
showed up an wanted to party. We werent up
for it, so they buggered off.
Our dinnertable.
Nice place to have a meal. View didnt suck here either.
As the sun started setting Magnus took another
shot of the bridge.
Summary of the day:
Didnt drive quite as far today. Was pretty nice
with a "slacky" day. We found a great place to stay
and if youre ever around here in search of a cabin
I highly recommend the camping of Vegset.
Nice weather this day too with only a few drops
of rain occationally.


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