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06.06.06  Day 5: Snåsa to Piteå (740 km)

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The route of the day. 740 kilometres or about 460 miles.
Last day of our trip.
Since we were heading in different directions we
said goodbye to Magnus early and parted.
We chose to take the nearest and fastest route home
since we were in a bit of a hurry. Because of this we
kept a high pace and only stopped to take pics at the
Pic of me still in norway.
Pic of Douglas, standing in sweden.
To summarize it all...
Nothing I can say can ever do justice to the sheer
might of some of the views and mountains of
Needless to say I'd tell anyone considering a
trip to norway, on motorcycle or car, to go for it.
I sure as hell will return. We're already planning
for the trip we'll make next summer.
If our plans work out we'll have a few more days
in norway, and travel even further south.
I hope these pictures might serve as inspiration
to some. Thanks for checking them out.
Drive fast. Drive safe. FYYFF.


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